INCONTINENCE – We offer products that are designed for stress and urge incontinence as well as full coverage adult diapers.

Adult underwear designed for men and women featuring a form fitting shape, concentrated protection, odor control, and a discreet fit.

We offer briefs, bladder control pads, male guards, adult wash cloths and under pads.

OSTOMY PRODUCTS – We provide ostomy pouches, wafers, skin prep wipes and solutions.

ORTHOTICS/BRACES – We carry a full line of ankle, knee, wrist, back ,and neck braces. We also offer night splints for carpel tunnel syndrome, arm slings, thumb splints, and hernia aids. We offer a full line of support stockings and socks.

WOUND CARE – Our team can assist you with burn care, transparent dressings, skin care wound salves, hydrocolloid and hydrogel dressing. For bed sores we provide upon approval from your physician alternating pressure mattresses and gel mattress overlays.