For a breast cancer survivor, Daniels’ Pharmacy has a tonic that can revitalize feminine self-esteem and boost a woman’s sense of identity. Our durable medical equipment manager, Barbara Boineau, has seen a lot of women walk out of our store happy that there are products here to restore a confident feeling in them, because they feel like themselves again. The silicone forms are “natural weight” and light weight to give the patient a choice. Patient can have a prostheses and bras within two-three days from order date. Daniel’s has a full array of bras to choose from.

We have a private area for fitting patients. A simple mathematical formula to determine breast and bra size takes about 15 minutes to complete. Our staff will call your insurance company to see if these items are covered under your policy.

In addition to replacing weight to restore a body’s natural balance – the forms bridge a gap and restore the symmetrical silhouette that is one of the essential parts of the female identity. Barbara says, “It’s a wonderful feeling seeing the faces of women light up as they stand in front of the mirror the first time after receiving their first breast supplies post surgery.”